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Remote control

The top left corner of the remote control has two small icons:


The pin icon will make the remote control 'stick' under the animation (i.e. moving one window automatically moves the other). To keep both windows separated--for instance, when the animation window is on a projector and the remote control is on your main computer desktop--simply unpin the windows.

The disclosure triangle will show or hide the expanded remote control area.

Use the chapter selection drop-down menu to select any chapter in the current animation.

tip.gifYou can move the animation window by right-clicking and dragging it. If pinned, both windows will move at the same time.

tip.gifEmbryodynamics remembers the window positions. If you want to reset their location to a default value on your main computer screen, hold down the [CTRL] key when you launch the Embryodynamics Player.


The navigation buttons on right side of the remote control enable you to move forward and backward through the animation.


Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used for navigation in an Embryodynamics animation. They are especially useful when the remote control window is hidden.







Keyboard shortcuts without corresponding icons:





Settings tab

Depending of your edition of Embryodynamics, some of the options below may be unavailable.

Change the Embryodynamics environment on the Settings tab.


Options under Chapters and Legends define how texts are displayed:

  • 'Do not show' will mask any text and display only pictures
  • 'Show but continue playing' will display text and continue playing the animation
  • 'Show and stop' will display text and pause the animation (to continue playing, click on the 'Play' button or press the space bar on your keyboard)
  • 'Font' and 'Size' will change the font face and font size of all texts inside legends; depending on your computer, some fonts may look better than others (the recommended font is Verdana 9 or 10pt)


Animation speed will define the speed between frames; find the best settings depending on your computer performance , your personal preferences, and your audience.


Options under Background will select the color of the background.

tip.gifChoosing black may be useful during multimedia projection to hide items on your computer background and  allow participants to better focus on the animation content.


Hide this window when an animation is playing will hide the remote control while an animation is playing, so you will need to use keyboard shortcuts for navigation.

tip.gifClick anywhere on the bottom of the animation window to make the remote control reappear.


Animation tab

Depending of your edition of Embryodynamics, some of the options below may be unavailable.

Manage animations within the Animations tab.


Animations installed on this computer contains all animations that are ready to be displayed. Click on the "Play" button, or double-click the animation name to watch. If it is visible, click on the 'Update' button to download a new release of an existing animation.

Animations not yet installed contains all animations that you have purchased but have not yet downloaded or installed. Ensure your Internet connectivity and then click on the 'Install' button. Once they have been installed, these animations will appear in the group above.

tip.gifIf you've just completed a purchase but do not see your new animations, click on the 'Click to refresh list' link. The list will reload, and then you'll be able to download them.

Other animations available for purchase lists all animations that are available on the Embryodynamics site. Click on the 'Info' button to view full details of the animation, or click on the 'Buy' button to proceed with the purchase of the animation through PayPal.

Everything mentioned above is valid for individual animations as well as for collections (a selected group of animations based on a theme or specialty offered at a special price).


Search tab

Depending of your edition of Embryodynamics, some of the options below may be unavailable.

Search for any text within animations using the Search tab.


Enter any text and press the 'Search' button; a green progress bar will be displayed while searching.

The following search locations are available:

  • This current animation will search only the active animation; this option is disabled if no animation is open
  • All animations installed on this computer will search within each animation that is currently installed on your computer (this may take some time)
  • All Embryodynamics animations will search within all of Embryodynamics animations that exist; this search requires an Internet connection.

Double-click on any of the found items to either open the animation (if it is available on your local computer) or to display its details on the Embryodynamics web site and download it from there.



A huge effort has been made to correlate the morphology of the developing structures with the chronology of the development. However, because the scientific literature is quite discordant about this topic and uses the time, stages, and length of the body as criteria to designate the age of the embryo/fetus, the chronology in Embryodynamics is given as an approximate time labeled in hours, days, weeks, months, and trimesters. It is therefore possible that the indicated ages do not entirely correspond to the data given in various other embryological textbooks.

In addition, great attention has been made in order to respect the proportions of the developing structures. However, for didactic or technical reasons, this was not possible in rare instances. Note also that in some sequences, structural approximations are made in order to spare time, and the geometry of some diagrams is not completely respected in a few cases. None of these should have any impact on the pedagogical value of Embryodynamics.



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